Heating Cables

Heating cable is manufactured to meet the demands of the industry and have been tested by CSA through a battery of tests to confirm compliance and use for purpose. Commonly used products can be manufactured along with custom designs required for your project. From cold lead copper conductor cable up to 11 ohm/ft heating cable. Various conductor materials are available to properly focus in on the resistance requirements of each cable.

Both heating cable and cold lead cables using an Incoloy 825 sheath are certified to CSA Std. C22.2 No. 130-16 certificate #70119587 Class 2872 01 and 2878 01 heaters.

Microheater Cables

 MICT manufactures and stocks a wide range of Microheater cables in both imperial (inch) and Metric (millimeter) sizes. Internally, we refer to heating cable using either an Inconel 600 or 316SS sheath as a microheater cable to differentiate it against the CSA approved bulk heating cable using Incoloy 825 sheathed cable.

Custom sizes, sheathing, insulation and resistance ranges available upon request. Our experienced personnel can assist in design of product that will meet your specific requirements.