Message from the President - Mr. Rick Shapka

From a small beginning in January 1996, M.I. Cable Technologies has steadily grown into a company whose name is recognized by the temperature measurement industry around the world. Our company now ships its products to literally every continent and was proud to have been one of the firms put forward as an "Exporter of the Year" by Canada's Export Development Corporation.

I believe the success MICT has enjoyed so far has largely been due to the single minded determination of management and the commitment of our employees to making it work. The people who work at MICT, although having widely diverse backgrounds, all care about both the company and our customers, no matter where located or how big they are. It is an attitude which MICT encourages but to be fair, one that was developed mainly by the employees themselves. Continuing the growth and development of MICT in the next years will not be easy and I fully expect to meet a good many obstacles on the road ahead. Yet, so long as MICT is able to maintain the "I care" attitude of our employees, I feel sure that we will succeed in becoming an even better supplier to the world's MI cable industry in the years to come.

The future will see MICT add manufacturing capacity and expand its product offerings. we will be doing more in far-off markets and looking for cost reductions so that all the benefits of low prices coupled with quality products, introduced to the MI market by MICT, can be maintained. However, you can be certain we will always grow with a view to what we can do better for our customers, many of whom we consider good friends, even outside of business hours.

In closing, I must of course extend my sincere gratitude to the many firms, big and small, near and far, which by putting their trust into MICT month after month, keep us growing and we hope improving. Thank you all. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and we are looking forward to many more years of working with you. I invite you to call me anytime with questions, suggestions, problems or comments.

- Rick Shapka