MICT manufactures and stocks a wide range of thermocouple cable. Available in J, K, T, E or N in standard or special accuracy.

RTD Extension Cables

A full range of extension cable can be supplied. Two, three, four, six and eight wire configurations with any available conductor type.

Microheater Cable

We offer a wide range of microheating cable in 316 and Inconel 600 sheathing. Contact us with your application's requirements.

High Temp - Incotherm Alloy TD®

High temperature service and excellent oxidation resistance cable available using Incotherm Alloy TD® sheath material.

Who We Are

MICT specializes in mineral insulated cable

M.I. Cable Technologies is a supplier of bulk thermoelectric cable to OEM thermocouple manufacturers. Our manufacturing process involves the filling of large diameter tubes with either MgO powder or pre-formed ceramic blocks and matched thermoelectric rods, followed by reduction die drawing and high temperature furnace annealing.

What We Do

We manufacture the following products

  • Thermocouple cable
  • RTD extension cable
  • Microheater cable
  • AMS 2750E Thermocouple cable
  • Custom mineral insulated products

Quality System

MICT is proudly ISO 9001:2008 certified

Click here to download the certificate.